September 19, 2019
Mesa Arts Center
Mesa, Arizona

Kansas performing at the Mesa Center for the Arts. Photo by Renae Karlquist – Torenka.com

Hard to believe that Kansas released “Point of Know Return” 42 years ago but here we are! The iconic band returned to Arizona with a stop at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona. Phil Ehart (drums/percussion) and Richard Williams (Guitar) are the 2 remaining original members but the sound remains as good as it was in the 1970’s.

Richard Williams/Guitarist – Kansas. Photo by Toby Karlquist – Torenka.com

Lead singer Ronnie Platt (Vocals/keyboard) took the helm in 2014 when front man Steve Walsh retired. Platt is a former truck driver and longtime fan of Kansas who vowed “to sustain the integrity that is Kansas” after Walsh’s retirement. He brings a level of enthusiasm and musicality that is a perfect fit for Kansas.

Ronnie Platt – Kansas. Photo by Renae Karlquist – torenka.com

Kansas open the show with an acoustic set that included “People of the South Wind”, “Hold On”, “Refugee” and “Lonely Wind”. They threw in a great variety of Classic Kansas before launching in to the entire “Point of Know Return” album playlist. Billy Greer (bass/vocals) has been with the band since 1984. David Ragsdale, (violin/guitar) Zak Rizvi, (Guitar) and Tom Brislin round out the band and help create the unmistakable sound that is Kansas.

Phil Ehart. Photo by Toby Karlquist – Torenka.com

The near sellout crowd got their money’s worth and let the band know that they appreciated the show. How could they not as the band played perennial favorites “Hold On”, “Point of Know Return”, “Dust In The Wind” and the classic encore “Carry On Wayward Son”.

Zak Rizvi. Photo by Renae Karlquist – torenka.com

It appears that Kansas has no plans for slowing down. their most recent album “The Prelude Implicit” was released in 2016 and a new album is in the works. Their current U.S. tour continues through May 2020. Kansas sounded great and fans across the country should make it a Point of Know Return (see what I did there?) to get tickets to a show. It was a great evening and we look forward to their return!

Kansas performing at Mesa Arts Center. Photo by Toby Karlquist – torenka.com

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