About Hey Phx!

It’s about the music!  And the photos!  And the bands and artists!  It’s about all the above!  This music magazine showcases the hard-working bands and artists on tour across the United States and the world!  Based in Phoenix, Arizona, our hope is to share reviews, photos and info about concerts, bands, music, music news, music/band/artist photos, tour dates, music related news and info, music videos and an eclectic mix of fun things to inspire and connect with music fans across the globe.

This magazine/blog is the brainchild of Torenka Photography based out of Queen Creek, Arizona.  We are (not your average) concert photographers and music enthusiasts.  Our mission is to share info and photos about local, national, international and new and emerging artists and bands.

We appreciate you visiting HeyPHX!  We hope you enjoy our site and our photography!  Cheers!

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