September 6, 2018

Damian Darlington - Brit Floyd.  Photo by Renae Karlquist -
Damian Darlington – Brit Floyd. Photo by Renae Karlquist –

Congratulations to Torenka Photography for being published in ProSoundWeb! ProSoundWeb is the world’s largest web community for all aspects of the professional audio industry, including live sound, installed sound, recorded sound, and industry business trends. The ProSoundWeb pro audio community has grown to more than 100,000 monthly unique visitors who view millions of pages each month.

Author: Toby

Toby is a professional photographer and fan of all things music. He and his bride Renae own Torenka Photography in Mesa, Arizona. ( When not photographing and writing about concerts and bands Toby and Renae provide custom Fine Art photography services to musicians and automobile owners. They also travel the world photographing landscapes; are constantly searching for the “perfect” Bloody Mary; dislike robo callers; are ruled by two cats; don’t miss the snow and are just plain ‘ol nice folks. Quote from Toby: "As a writer, I'm a pretty good photographer!"

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